June is Hurricane Season

June is always a time of increased hurricane activity up and down the coast. If you live in an active hurricane zone or have property in one, it’s very important that you take the necessary steps to protect your home from hurricane damages.
A good choice for protecting your home from the destructive force of a [...]

Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

Due to rising costs and the desire to decrease waste, many homeowners are looking for ways to cut their energy consumption. While there are several ways of doing this, such as utilizing more efficient appliances, there are other potential sources of wasteful energy expenditure in the home that are commonly overlooked. As a matter of [...]

The Difference Between Vinyl and Aluminum Windows

When it comes to windows, it can be tough to decide which material you want your windows made from because it is such a long-term purchase. If you're looking to decide between aluminum and vinyl windows, the decision should take in to consideration several key factors.
 Aluminum windows were top of the line 50 years ago, [...]

Benefits of Impact Windows

Not every home needs to install impact windows. However, if you live in a state like Florida, where there is always the threat of hurricanes, then having impact windows installed is a great idea. You will receive extra protection from storms, but that is not where the benefits end.
Energy Efficient
The newest styles of impact windows [...]

Protecting Your Home With Hurricane Shutters

When the winds blow in a hurricane the peninsula of Florida is highly exposed. This is when your home will need hurricane shutters installed to protect your home and windows. It is recommended to invest in some type of storm or hurricane shutters to limit any damage done by the storm. We'll explain a few [...]

Advanced Windows

Using double pane windows for better heating and cooling purposes is a wise move. These windows are usually twice as insulated as regular windows. In the summertime, your air conditioner will keep your house cooler because less cold air will escape through the windows. And in the winter time, more heat will be retained in [...]

Tips For Keeping Windows Clean

When you think of it, the window is a wonderful invention. It keeps out the cold, rain and snow while allowing the healthy, warm sunshine to shine and glow right through. Windows allow us to glance out onto the horizon. On hot summer days they keep flitting insects from coming inside. But windows need to [...]

Hurricane Season May Be Over…

But don't let your guard down. There are always natural disasters that can affect your home. Water from rain, cold, wind and more can have a great impact on your home. Windows play a major role in protecting what's inside the home. If your windows are not fitted correctly, stong enough or even just look [...]

Keeping the Cold Air Out

Cold weather has hit Florida early this year and if you are one of the many living in homes that are drafty – you will definately need to update your windows this year. Now is the time to get those old, worn out windows replaced with new energy efficient ones. There are many tax-savings credits [...]

Insulated and Low-E Windows

Advanced Windows is located in the Florida West Coast area, including Venice, Fl., having been in business for over 10 years, while bringing 30 years of expertise to every job. We have built a reputation for outstanding customer service and guaranteed workmanship. Advanced Windows is ready to help you with insulated impact resistant windows or [...]